6 · The Micalet


Today I had the chance to stop and take a calm look at the Plaza de la Virgen. It’s one of Valencia’s most emblematic places. From the Turia fountain, formed by a male figure representing the river, you can see three of the most important buildings in the town: Saint Mary’s Cathedral, the Basilica of […]

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5 · El Carmen


The statue of the Palleter, next to the Quart Towers, is a monument referencing one of the Valencian heroes who went to war with France after Napoleon’s invasion. I was impressed by the daring, energy-packed quote that was attributed to Vicente Doménech, who, according to the legend, effusively declared: “A poor peasant declares war against […]

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4 · The Cabañal


The quarter of Cabañal-Cañamelar is an old sailor quarter born due to its closeness to the Mediterranean Sea and more precisely to the Malvarrosa Beach. I find it a curious and unique area because of the way its streets are arranged, quite like a maze. The fishermen created them unwillingly over time as they established […]

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3 · The Viveros Gardens


The Viveros Gardens or Royal Gardens are a natural setting located between the St. Pius V Museum and the beginning of the Blasco Ibáñez Avenue. They are now a public park but they once were the gardens that surrounded the taifas Kings’ recreational palace during the town’s muslim period. The palace was built by Abdelaziz […]

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2 · The Albufera


In some arab poems it was called the Mirror of the Sun, it has starred in novels like “Cañas y Barro”, and it left me totally amazed. It’s a verdant paradise 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Valencia. I’m talking about the Albufera, the freshwater lagoon next to the sea but not being a part of […]

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1 · Ciutat Vella


Ciutat Vella is one of the oldest districts in the city of Valencia. In fact, its administrative number is 1. It’s located in the center of the town and its limits are marked by an old rampart built in the 15th century.and by the Turia river. It’s what we call the historical quarter. In Ciutat […]

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