Day 6 · Sounds of the city


Dear diary: Today I experienced something I had never done before with a girl, something unimaginable… even dangerous. It all started when my good friend Vicent left me behind like a dog who holds a bag with used napkins in it. I don’t really care because I’m very capable of filming my documentary by myself, […]

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Day 5 · The palleter of love


Dear diary: A planetary event took place yesterday (Why do I feel like such an idiot right now?). I had my first date with Laura!!!!!!!! I was playing cool on her (checking my cell phone every 15 minutes doesn’t count), I didn’t want to look desperate (some days ago I looked for a public phone […]

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Day 4 · The fifth horseman of the apocalypse


Dear Diary: Vicent is always saying that, instead of toenails, I’ve got cockles. Maybe that physical connection to fishing is what led me to visit the Cabañal, Valencia’s sailor’s quarter. Although the only fisherman legacy that remains are the prawn’s heads people throw in the ground. I enjoyed the Cabañal very much because it’s a […]

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Day 3 · Step into a garden


Dear Diary: Love is in Viveros, everywhere you look around… Today I became a child, to become an adult afterwards, to become a criminal, to be finally innocent. Yes, that’s my life, what can I do? If a mouth says “do you want another beer?” while a pair of eyes shout “take me under this […]

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Day 2 · Endangered species


Dear Diary: I have an enormous sensibility, and I’m not talking about sensitive gums, so today I was ready and willing to stay in true ecstasy watching the wild paradise that surrounds the city of Valencia. I was going to visit the Albufera and El Saler. I can’t understand how something that should’ve turned all […]

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Day 1 · In the moon of Valencia


Dear Diary: It’s exciting to accomplish old dreams. Today I’ve arrived to Valencia, something that fills me with pride and satisfaction, as they have taught me to say here. Some years ago I was in Valencian land studying (heheh… well , all the study a scholarship student can get in this town) and left with […]

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