6 · The Micalet

Today I had the chance to stop and take a calm look at the Plaza de la Virgen. It’s one of Valencia’s most emblematic places. From the Turia fountain, formed by a male figure representing the river, you can see three of the most important buildings in the town: Saint Mary’s Cathedral, the Basilica of the Virgin and the Palau de la Generalitat. All of them can be seen from this square which has been the stage of many historical events -in Roman times it was already the forum.

Visiting the center of Valencia has also brought me to go right up of the Micalet, a monument packed with history and religion yet with a very casual name. I found out that the name of the building comes from the huge bell that chimes the hours, which was christened on the day of St. Michael. The Tower of the Micalet, whose building started in 1381 by Andreu Julià, has a height of 53 meters to its terrace.

From there you can see, with a brilliant perspective, other monuments that characterize the city of Valencia like the tower of St. Catherine or the traditional horchaterías located around the Plaza de la Reina. You can also see the more recent and modern buildings that form the City of Arts and Science, and although my shortsightedness wouldn’t let me see it, many people told me you could even catch a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea.

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