5 · El Carmen

The statue of the Palleter, next to the Quart Towers, is a monument referencing one of the Valencian heroes who went to war with France after Napoleon’s invasion. I was impressed by the daring, energy-packed quote that was attributed to Vicente Doménech, who, according to the legend, effusively declared: “A poor peasant declares war against Napoleon. Long live Ferdinand VII and death to all traitors.”

No far from there, on Museo Street, I found a funny house called Dels Quatre Gats, House of the 4 Cats. It represents the model of a facade whose door is completely accessible, but through which the only ones who could pass are, due to its size, cats. It bears a strange inscription that reads: “To the memory of the four cats that were left in the Barrio del Carmen in the year 1094, with not a single meow higher than another.

Walking on through the Barrio del Carmen quarter, it wasn’t hard to stumble upon the Negrito Square, a meeting point for many Valencian artists. The sound of good conversation guides you to this corner, located near the Lonja de la Seda, in which the fountain of a boy holding a seashell watches over people chatting there.

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