2 · The Albufera

In some arab poems it was called the Mirror of the Sun, it has starred in novels like “Cañas y Barro”, and it left me totally amazed. It’s a verdant paradise 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Valencia. I’m talking about the Albufera, the freshwater lagoon next to the sea but not being a part of it, like a lover who is reluctant to give herself up. It’s also a symbol of rice cultivation and among its inhabitants are a huge number of endangered species like the Valencia toothcarp and the Audouin’s gull.

Its presence rises like the heart of a collection of wild elements born both because of and with it, like the Saler grassland. What I liked most about this Mediterranean forest is that it’s located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Albufera, linked by a canal called the Maw of the Pujol.

Beaches in this area are the ones swimmers and strollers prefer, and also Bostonians such as myself. There’s three of them: the beaches of Saler, Garrofera, and the one in the Saler grassland. But there are other environmental ingredients that make this area special: the ullals, the marsh, the malladas… All those create an ecological environment that has inspired many cultural manifestations throughout the centuries –one of which is, for example, my documentary.

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