1 · Ciutat Vella

Ciutat Vella is one of the oldest districts in the city of Valencia. In fact, its administrative number is 1. It’s located in the center of the town and its limits are marked by an old rampart built in the 15th century.and by the Turia river. It’s what we call the historical quarter.

In Ciutat Vella we can find the Valldigna Gate, located in the Carmen quarter and built in the year 1400. Its mission was to separate the Christian part of the town and the Muslim one. Although it’s called a gate, it is in fact a round arc with stone ashlars. At one point, next to this gate was located the first printing works known to the Iberian Peninsula. The first book printed there, by the way, was “Trobes en Llaors de la Verge Maria“.

Beyond the gate await the Serranos Towers, one of the twelve gates in the city walls. Its building was led by master Pere Balaguer and ended in 1398. The towers can be visited thanks to the impressive stone stairway which grants access to its uppermost part.

When the night fell, these towers, the town’s north entry gate, were closed, and the travelers who arrived after that had to remain out of the wall’s protection and spend the night out in the open, under the moon. The essence of this still lives on nowadays, and when someone gets distracted we say he has remained “in the moon of Valencia”.

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