Day 6 · Sounds of the city

Dear diary:

Today I experienced something I had never done before with a girl, something unimaginable… even dangerous.

It all started when my good friend Vicent left me behind like a dog who holds a bag with used napkins in it. I don’t really care because I’m very capable of filming my documentary by myself, I don’t need him at all. In fact, I was thinking of a new approach, more disruptive, more avant-garde. He’ll be sorry when he watches me getting the Oscar for best documentary, being photographed in the Playboy mansion surrounded by playmates and singing “happy birthday” to President Obama. And when they make a biopic about my life, his role will be played by a monkey dressed as a bellboy, an evil monkey.

Oh well, what’s important here is that I met a girl who was crazy for me because, well, the usual, I saved her from dying. She used an euphemism and told me to go for a coffee to point out that she wanted to have sex with me, but since I refused categorically, I went with her to vote in the election of a new University rector.

Boy, do Valencians breathe democracy! It’s obvious that they care a lot about it. There was a problem and everyone started screaming and growing veins in their foreheads until they look like Chuck Norris. I hope Vicent doesn’t leave me alone ever again.

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