Day 5 · The palleter of love

Dear diary:

A planetary event took place yesterday (Why do I feel like such an idiot right now?). I had my first date with Laura!!!!!!!! I was playing cool on her (checking my cell phone every 15 minutes doesn’t count), I didn’t want to look desperate (some days ago I looked for a public phone for 45 minutes in order to call myself to check my line) and in the end, when Vicent and I were talking about drunk kings and other important topics, I got a text from her. It was even a little encrypted, she’s so romantic.

For the date, I did some gin&tonic warm-up. We met at the Negrito bar and I got so nervous I started talking to a man I didn’t know at all but who ended up being a famous Valencian actor. We soon discovered we had a lot in common: curly hair, glasses, and we both like Laura. He makes a lot of jokes and is really funny, all of which doesn’t make me laugh at all. I tried to show my sense of humor too, too bad my scatology isn’t that fine-tuned. The interplanetary event became a black hole. Oh, my god!

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