Day 3 · Step into a garden

Dear Diary:

Love is in Viveros, everywhere you look around… Today I became a child, to become an adult afterwards, to become a criminal, to be finally innocent. Yes, that’s my life, what can I do? If a mouth says “do you want another beer?” while a pair of eyes shout “take me under this light pollution”, who am I to oppose Cupid’s designs?

Vicent and I have been to Viveros to record some shots and explain a couple things when… Boom! The past, present and future woman of my dreams showed up. Laura, in my memory your size was 42, but meeting you again was the greatest thing in the world, despite your 34 size.

There I was, feeling like a baby again when the resposibility of having a family hit me in the face. I felt like a hero in one of those soap operas I swear I never watch. Far from his home, he had left people who loved him and needed him, but he didn’t know!

It was all a lie, by the way. And the Justice City cells have improved a lot.

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