Day 2 · Endangered species

Dear Diary:

I have an enormous sensibility, and I’m not talking about sensitive gums, so today I was ready and willing to stay in true ecstasy watching the wild paradise that surrounds the city of Valencia. I was going to visit the Albufera and El Saler. I can’t understand how something that should’ve turned all right ended ap so wrong. I’ve always heard that, when people get in a car, they get violent. But I disagree, it happens more often when they get naked. Running with their genitals in the wind clouds their brains. Or maybe they had stepped on a spike, who knows.

My documentary is forcing me, without my intention, to face the cruelest of realities. God, what do you want from me, God? I’m capable to love a snake, to be its faithful friend, and yet I have to accept I’m a danger with glasses, and even a sweet fruit, brimming with vitamin C, can be turned into the most lethal and deadly weapon in my hands. Is it because of those Bruce Lee movies I used to like a lot? “Be citric, my friend”.

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