Day 1 · In the moon of Valencia

Dear Diary:

It’s exciting to accomplish old dreams. Today I’ve arrived to Valencia, something that fills me with pride and satisfaction, as they have taught me to say here. Some years ago I was in Valencian land studying (heheh… well , all the study a scholarship student can get in this town) and left with the promsie to come back and film a documentary about its art, its history and everything that fascinated me about this town. I’ve traveled here in the AVE, a train that goes real fast, so fast that I haven’t even been able to sleep on my neighbor’s shoulder. My suitcase got stolen in the station, a kid has puked on me and I’m now dressed in the Valencia Football Club orange outfit. I think it shines in the dark. Nice baptism, right? Most of all because of the baby food chunks.

My great Valencian friend Vicent was waiting for me outside. He will be my camera operator in my documentary. Vicent is very nice and he helps me out a lot. He taught me to speak Valencià. It wouldn’t be that bad if he didn’t help me that much. We had a little argument. I didn’t want to, but he made me show my temper. I’m a wild beast, I go crazy. I’ve been on the news and I spent the night in the moon of Valencia… It’s been a weird day. I’m sure everythign will be OK from now on.

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